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The Stoepel Group is a premier IT consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 2023 by David Wilson, our company specializes in providing a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

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The guiding principle that informs all of our actions and decisions is our core mantra.

At The Stoepel Group, our core mantra is centered on delivering exceptional value and results to our clients.


Transparency is a key component of our approach to client relationships, as it allows us to build a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. By being open and honest in our communications and actions, we are able to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Hard work

At The Stoepel Group, we believe that hard work is essential for achieving success in the competitive world of IT consulting. We are dedicated to putting in the extra effort and going the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and solutions.


Teamwork is a core value at The Stoepel Group, and we recognize that the collective effort of our talented and experienced team is essential for delivering exceptional results to our clients. We foster a collaborative and supportive work environment that encourages open communication and mutual respect, allowing us to work together seamlessly and efficiently to achieve our clients' goals.


Ownership is a crucial element of our company culture at The Stoepel Group, and we empower our team members to take ownership of their work and their clients' success. We believe that when employees feel a sense of ownership over their responsibilities, they are more motivated and invested in delivering the best possible outcomes. By fostering a culture of ownership, we are able to build strong client relationships and achieve long-term success.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do at The Stoepel Group, and we are constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies, and solutions to deliver cutting-edge IT services to our clients. We encourage our team members to think creatively and outside of the box, and we invest in their professional development to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. By embracing innovation, we are able to deliver transformative solutions that drive our clients' success.


Commitment is one of our core values at The Stoepel Group, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and solutions to our clients. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients' needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients, and we are committed to being a trusted partner in their success.

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